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Are you ready to be a Digital Teacher?

Who would have thought that this would be true?


If somebody told you 1 year ago, that this sudden change would come either you would not have believed at all, or would have started making some change in your teaching style, learning new things to be better prepared for these times. But this was never expected, and hence none of us were prepared for what happened.


Are you also making the same mistake as most other teachers today?  

Are you also struggling to make yourself visible and draw what you deserve? Are you also finding this situation very stressful and disheartening?


Are you also among the teachers who are trying hard but are not getting salary? Or getting just a part of it?

Every situation has two sides, it could be seen as a breakdown point, or as an opportunity. It depends upon your attitude.


While some keep complaining and doubting that sudden movement to online classes will have not be effective and little preparation will lead to poor experience. 

The other ones with a rather positive attitude are sure that this new model of education will emerge and go beyond these pandemic times also. 

The question here is, which one are you???

Many high end schools, anyways have been using hybrid mode of teaching, which means mix of face to face and online teaching. Doing online assessments, sharing homework online, asking students to see videos and powerpoints, and what not!


Well, I know what I thought when I came across this for the first time. Is it even possible? Can i learn too quick? Will doing this help?

Keep scrolling down to see how you can be among the very few winners at these times. 

There is a reason you have reached this post. Your destiny is about to change…for the better.

What did you say? How?


While online teaching is emerging as the new normal thing, it is yet far away from normal for most of us. Some of us lack resources, some of us lack guidance and some of us lack confidence or skill to do it the way it should be done.


After consulting hundreds of teachers, and understanding their pain point, WAO Academy presents to you Simple OT – Digital Teacher, that aims at providing you the key strategies to make you confident. A list of platforms to find genuine resources that can be used by you to enhance your own subject knowledge, and shared with your students. Tips and tricks that will make you confident, and help you conduct online classes, which are not just any routine class, but interesting and competent.


While some high end schools, who are located in big towns, or have collaborated with big shot educational partners, are able to conduct online classes, but schools which have still not tied up with any such partner are still struggling.


And what about the teachers? Most of us, even if taking classes, are doing that for namesake. Parents and management are constantly telling us that it is not good enough. Despite working full day, we are not getting complete salaries. So the question arises, is it actually possible to use this time as an opportunity? If yes, how can I do that?


The first step would be to accept this change as the new normal, which I am sure that we read the newspaper or even surf social media, get ample proof of.


Then become what everyone is looking for. A Confident and Resourceful Digital Teacher. With your limited resources. If you are able to do that, then not just you will become a very important resource for your own school, but also you can train teachers further as a consultant for this skill. 

Like the saying goes, let’s milk it for all it’s worth.


WAO Academy launched a product called SimpleOT during these times to help schools take benefit of online classes. As one of the offerings of SimpleOT, we also offer a course for the teachers. A course that aims at making you a special teacher. A Digital Teacher.

What is SimpleOT?

SimpleOT is a very simplified plan to train teachers on online teaching. It is customized to school’s needs and works in accordance with the school’s infrastructure and technological needs. 

The program is designed and presented by a group of extremely dedicated and focused educationists who aim to make teaching learning possible and comfortable in all situations.

SimpleOT is one powerpacked attempt to help schools and individual teachers like you to meet this unexpected requirement for which most of us were not prepared – online teaching, taking live classes where students and teachers are all sitting at home.

Why SimpleOT?

  . confident and trained

  . developed by experts

  . extremely cost effective

  . bilingual sessions (Hindi English mixed)

  . step by step tutorials

  . free access to learning articles and subscription


1. Digital Teacher – By the teachers, for the teachers. Developed by a group of expert digital teachers, who have been in your place once, but adopted technology way before it was a mandate and are making lot of progress since. 

They go to your level to help introduce you to this world, handhold you, guide you step by step, and by the end of this small 3-4 hour course make you a Confident Digital Teacher, and that too at a price that fits your pockets very easily.

2. Standard – A basic plan for the complete school. If a school wants to start online classes, or has tried but not been very successful in conducting effective online classes, we tie up with them and take the responsibility to train all their teachers. So there is more value for one’s money.

3. Professional – Well, technology is one of the roadblocks. How to teach is another major one. Here the teachers are also trained on how to teach by sample teaching plans for various chapters. NCERT is kept as the base and thorough trainings are done for the teachers. There is also online support to help teachers plan and conduct.

4. Premium – This is all you can imagine for wonderful live online classes in your school. So along with the technical trainings and upskilling of teachers, the classroom planning is done and shared with the teachers. Also, there is continuous assistance provided to teachers to help them teach online better.

Just what you could have asked for. If you are a teacher, who is willing to get back in this and take this opportunity to find better options for yourself, then do not delay. Take immediate action. Check out the Digital Teacher Course by clicking on the link https://waoacademy.com/courses/simpleot-digital-teacher/ 

If you are a school representative and interested in knowing more about the SimpleOT offerings for school – Basic/ Professional/Premium, then visit the Contact Us Page on WAO Academy and leave your query, and our team will get back to you with the best offers.

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