SimpleOT Digital Teacher

SimpleOT Digital Teacher

SimpleOT is a very simplified plan to train teachers on online teaching. The program is designed and presented by a group of extremely dedicated and focused educationists who aim to make teaching learning possible and comfortable in all situations. SimpleOT is one such attempt to help schools meet this unexpected requirement, sitting at home.

What Will I Learn?

  • Smooth entry into the world of online training
  • Learn using online platforms for digital teaching learning
  • Learn to create videos, powerpoints etc and share with students
  • Finding already available resources connected to your topics and sharing with students
  • Learn to do effective Live Online Classes
  • Training for many online assessment platforms
  • Become A Confident Digital Teacher

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Examples
  • Detailed tutorials for various platforms

Topics for this course

15 Lessons4h

Basics of Digital Teaching?

Your first step towards becoming an online teacher - simple but effective
Basics of Being a Digital Teacher13:06

Live Online Classes?

Sharing resources is one thing, but doing live online classes is a different level. This module enables you to understand doing effective live classes with your students and talks about various free of cost platforms that can be used.

Live Class Platform Tutorials?

Once you have understood how to conduct online classes and make them effective, let's get comfortable with some commonly used platforms. Here is a collection of step by step tutorials for some such platforms, all free of cost.

Powerpoint – A Wonderful Resource?

Powerpoints can be created for the entire chapter, or for one class. Can be used for face to face sessions, or online teaching. Serve as a wonderful resource for introduction, summarisation and revision.

Online Teaching Resources?

While we are creating resources connected to our content, let's not forget that the internet is flooded with such resources already. The trick is to know how to find the best content for your students.

E Assessments?

When we are teaching online, we might as well do some frequent checks to see how well are students understanding. The why and how of online assessments.

E Assessment Platform Tutorials?

Let's learn how to make these assessments possible with some step by step tutorials of such platforms that provide you with free of cost and quick assessments which are even checked by technology, and you just have to see the report and share feedback with students.
  • 0 Students
  • 4h Duration
  • 15 Lectures
  • All Levels


  • We suggest you keep a notepad and pen ready for when you need to take notes. A headphone/earphone is also suggested. Also please pick a quiet corner while watching the video and try to finish one video in one go.
  • Try the platforms after you see the tutorial for better understanding.

Target Audience

  • Any teacher or aspiring teacher who is struggling at these times because of lack of digital/technical know how to conduct online classes, or make their online classes effective. Who wants to teach the way the best online teachers are teaching, increase her chances at getting a better job, or getting better job satisfaction. Any teacher who wants to see her teaching translate into learning in the class.