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5 Free and Easy Ways to do e-Assesments

Online teaching is slowly becoming the ‘new normal’. We are all trying and getting used to this, one way or the other.

While some of us are taking live online classes, the other ones are just creating videos and powerpoints to share with students on groups.

I wonder, if such situations would have come around 20 years ago, when internet was not an option, when virtual world was not this connected, what would we have done?

After teaching comes assessment. And that is where most of us teachers are struggling today. Teaching becomes meaningless to most unless there is some way of checking what have they learnt.

“If we teach, we must assess.”

Assessment has many purposes. Some of the main ones are –

  • Stimulate student learning
  • Assess student achievement
  • Provide evidence of quality of teaching

Since learning is happening sitting at home, assessment also needs to happen from home. So here we are sharing five wonderful online assessment tools, that let you take all advantage of technology, in the easiest way possible, and completely free of cost. These 5 are easy to learn and easy to execute.

All of these have some wonderful features like –

→ When you create a question paper, you can add different type of questions, like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), True False, Short Answer, Long Answer etc.

→ You only have to check the short and long answers. All others are automatically checked. Like we said, using technology to its best.

→ Monitoring and giving feedback becomes very easy.

→ Instant result to students (if paper is all objective)

→ Cheating is a major fear and it requires time. These solutions also tell you the time spent by each student in attempting the paper.

→ You have the option to change the serial order of questions.

Let’s have a look at 5 such platforms now:

1. Google Classroom – This is the best and most convenient. But you cannot work on this as an individual teacher. But you can suggest this to your school management and they can apply for ‘G Suite for Education’ completely free of cost for the educational institutions. Another major advantage is that even the teachers and students who do not have an email ID will get one because this registration provides new email IDs to each student and teacher.

2.  ClassMarker – We suggest this because it does not need any app. And has a large range of question answers including matching also. Not to mention, the system checks the matching questions also and allots marks accordingly. For MCQs it also allows you to change the serial order of the options. All you have to do is register and create question paper; share with your students and wait for them to submit.

3.  Socrative – This can be used as an app on mobile or directly on web browser. It provides separate kind of login to teachers and students. No dependence on school. No email ID needed. When the teacher creates a test, it gives a ‘Room Number’ to the teacher which she has to share with her students. The students login, enter their name and the room number and start the test. The best part about this app, is the real time results it gives you. I mean, when one student completes 1 question you can see that along with their answer.

4. Testmoz – This is a proper quiz generator that helps you evaluate super fast. Why, you ask? Because you don’t even need to register here. Just go to testmoz.com, and click on ‘Build a Test’. Then keep adding category and your questions. There is a paid version also which brings more benefits, but even for free you can have upto 50 questions in one test and maximum 100 students can take your test. Well, we don’t even have more than 100 students for one test right. Then it’s a simple 4 step process. Add name to test, add questions, share with your students and see the results, which would be presented to you, without you having to manually check them.

5. ThatQuiz – This is also a wonderful and unique platform. All you have to do is create your account as a teacher and add your class and students. It has some pre built tests for common topics, which can simply be shared. If you want to create a test, click on Design, under ‘Other tests’ and keep adding questions. Once complete, share it with your class so it will automatically go to all students you had created in that class. You can also select that the test goes to only some selected students. When students submit, the tests will get corrected and you will get the reports. Just like that.


Teaching must lead to learning and assessments are the way to check for this movement. When teaching has moved digital, we need to find ways to assess digitally and hence this blog.

I hope you would benefit from this reading. Choose one and get started. Now because you don’t have to spend time on corrections, I suggest start using this time to do some self- reflection and see these results as feedback on your teaching. And all the objectives of assessment will be met effectively.

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    I prefer classmarker for my online assessments..

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